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Classification and Application of Geotextiles

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  Geotextiles can be divided into woven geotextiles (woven), non-woven geotextiles (non-woven), composite geotextiles, and wet web geotextiles according to different manufacturing methods. Among them:

  1. Weaving geotextile (woven) is a geotextile woven from synthetic fiber filaments (polypropylene, polyester, nylon, vinylon, ethylene glycol, etc.) or plastic flat wires or plastic split film wires arranged in a certain direction;

  2. Non woven geotextile (non woven) is a fabric made of thin flocs arranged randomly or directionally by short fibers or filaments, which are mechanically bonded, thermally bonded, or chemically bonded;

  3. Wet woven geotextile is made by dispersing short cut polyester fibers and glass fibers in water, and then manufacturing them through processes such as extraction, dehydration, sizing, and drying;

  4. Composite geotextile: A geotextile made from polymer as raw material, which is composed of long filament woven geotextile or split film woven geotextile (woven geotextile) and short fiber needle punched non-woven geotextile. It has the functions of protection and reinforcement, mainly used in engineering fields such as soft soil foundation reinforcement and embankment base reinforcement. It is divided into two-layer composite and three-layer composite according to product structure.

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