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Why is steel plastic geogrid very important for asphalt pavement?

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  I don't know if you have heard about the importance of steel plastic geogrids for asphalt pavement when using them in your daily life. If you have heard this sentence, you must be as skeptical as Xiao Bai. You want to know why steel plastic gratings are very important for asphalt pavement.

  1. Reduce the thickness of the base layer, extend the daily maintenance life cycle, and reduce workload. Each kilometer can save over 30000 yuan in direct engineering costs and also reduce mechanical wear and tear on the wheels. The overhaul cycle has been extended, reducing the interference and resistance of automobile traffic. Tourists and passengers can improve their comfort and safety personnel. It can be seen from this. The construction of steel plastic geogrid asphalt pavement has significant economic and social benefits.

  2. The reinforcement effect of steel plastic geogrid on asphalt pavement. The steel plastic geogrid lining on the surface of the base layer can effectively reduce shear stress. The larger shear flow prevents the formation of high Q shear strength zone in the same grid and the surface layer. Under the action of load, the vertical principal stress and the direction of principal stress decrease horizontally.

  3. By controlling the tensile force of the steel plastic geogrid on the secondary asphalt pavement, its stress and elastic modulus can be improved. The role of the base layer is to prevent and delay the development of surface cracks, which has a significant strengthening effect on the road surface.

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