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The use of unidirectional and bidirectional plastic geogrids

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  Bidirectional plastic geogrids are made of polymer materials that are extruded, formed into plates, punched, and then stretched longitudinally and horizontally. This material has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions, and this structure can also provide an ideal chain system for bearing and diffusing forces in soil, suitable for reinforcement of large-area bearing foundations.

  Unidirectional plastic geogrid refers to a geogrid made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material, which is extruded, punched, heated, and stretched into a sheet, extruded and pressed into a regular mesh, and then stretched longitudinally. Generally used for laying in soil, a stress transmission mechanism is formed by the interlocking and interlocking effect between the grid mesh and the soil, which enables local loads to quickly spread to a large area of soil, thereby reducing local failure stress and improving the service life of the project.

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