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What fields can geomembranes be applied in

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  The main application fields of industrial film include:

  1、 Municipal sector: A considerable headache in municipal management is the treatment of waste, especially liquid waste, which has fluidity and extravasation, is easy to spread, difficult to control and treat. In this case, geotextile membranes can be used to solve this problem. After the landfill is treated with geotextile membranes for seepage prevention, liquid waste can no longer seep out and is concentrated in the landfill for further treatment.

  2、 Farming field: Geomembranes are widely used in the field of aquaculture. Due to the frequent seepage phenomenon in water diversion channels, a considerable amount of water is wasted during agricultural irrigation and cannot reach farmers' fields. In this case, geomembranes can be used and placed above the water diversion channels to prevent irrigation water from seeping out, improve efficiency and economy. In addition, there are aquaculture ponds and lotus root ponds.

  3、 Petrochemical industry: The impermeability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance of geomembranes determine their unique application prospects in the petrochemical industry. They can be used for anti-seepage in chemical wastewater treatment plants and oil refining wastewater tanks to avoid the diffusion and leakage of chemical corrosive liquids and petroleum waste liquids. They can also be used for anti-seepage in chemical reaction tanks to ensure the smooth completion of chemical reactions in the tank, and can also be used for the lining of chemical pipelines, After melting, the geomembrane can be attached to the inside of the chemical pipeline, avoiding corrosion of the chemical pipeline.

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