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On which layer is the geogrid laid?

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  What layer is the geogrid usually laid on? Simply put, asphalt pavement is paved with fiberglass geogrids, and the roadbed below the water stable layer is paved with steel plastic geogrids, plastic geogrids, polyester geogrids, and PP geogrids.

  1. Selection criteria for laying standards: According to the advantages and disadvantages of the construction soil layer, multiple layers can be selected to enhance the laying effect. Also, pay attention to the smoothness of the roadbed and road surface being laid, clear the stones, sand, and other debris from the roadbed and road surface, ensure the smoothness of the laying, and ensure the overall rigid strength and lifespan of the road after laying.

  2. Why do the geogrids used for road and roadbed differ Glass fiber geogrid cannot be laid in the roadbed. Due to the product's fear of water and the susceptibility of the surface asphalt coating to water damage, the glass fiber bundle is loose, causing instability and deformation of the network structure, reducing the tensile strength of the product and affecting the reinforcement effect of the asphalt layer on the road surface. The large mesh structure of steel plastic geogrids can fully embed mixtures such as stones, and the lower elongation rate can ensure that the overall extension strength of the roadbed is damaged low, ensuring the hardness and stability of the roadbed. Therefore, steel plastic geogrids are more commonly used in roadbed laying, while plastic geogrids, polyester geogrids, and pp geogrids are used in less quantities in road roadbed laying than steel plastic geogrids.

  3. Why the cheaper fiberglass geogrid cannot be used for roadbed laying: Glass fiber geogrid cannot be used to save costs. Although it is a cheaper material with the same strength among all types of geogrids, its use condition is the reinforcement of the asphalt layer. In its construction, it can fully bond with the asphalt mixture, directly play the role of tendons and bones, and form mutual protection and interaction with the asphalt mixture. However, in the roadbed, there is no protection from asphalt, Water will completely enter the fiberglass tendons and bones, causing a decrease in tension.

  4. Whether the geogrid is laid on the roadbed or road surface depends not only on the design requirements, but also on the specific construction environment. It cannot be blindly purchased according to the design requirements of the drawings, because some designers may be wrong. It may be because the design unit does not understand the product performance and usage specifications, or it may not be able to understand the specific construction environment, without fully considering the design requirements.

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